Author: Janusz Pięta

Ladies and gentlemen, We kindly inform you that from October 6, we will provide parents with 25 additional hotel beds in the main building of the Institute. They will be available for parents of small patients hospitalized in neonatal clinics (Department of Neonatology and Intensive Therapy and Congenital Defects of Newborns and Infants Department). It is necessary for the parent to have a current (i.e. completed within 72 hours) coronavirus test result. However, mothers already staying at hospital, who would like to be with their child, do not need to test; after being discharged from maternity clinics, they can move directly to the rooms indicated for them. The services will be available on the same terms as in the Hotel Matek.

A huge investment has been completed at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute (PMMH-RI) in Łódź. Thanks to EU funds and the support of the Ministry of Health, we have completed the task “Establishment of a Paediatric Trauma Center and the expansion and renovation of the Hospital Emergency Department at the Polish Mother’s […]

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Dr. Ewa Starostecka in Pytanie na Śniadanie

On Thursday, September 24, we celebrate the World Day of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. The Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute joined the celebrations. Throughout the week, we have been publishing educational materials, videos with patients’ stories, and our specialists giving interviews. Dr. Ewa Starostecka, together with her patients, was invited to Channel 2, TVP. She […]

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