Awards for scientific achievements

Prof. Maciej Banach, the President of Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospiral – Research Institute handed in diplomas for outstanding scientific achievements. The award was granted to: FIRST DEGREE AWARD  For the publication series:  “Zmienności anatomiczne w obrębie stawu ramiennego” Michał Podgórski, MD, PhD Piotr Grzelak, MD, PhD, prof. PMMH-RI Maciej Łukaszewski, MD   FIRST DEGREE AWARD […]

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Invitation: A webinar on breastfeeding.

The on-line school of childbirth invites you to the webinar “All you need to know about breastfeeding”. Our specialists – lactation midwives: Magdalena Kempińska, Agnieszka Piątkowska, Irena Rychta will tell you: How to prepare yourselves for breastfeeding, What to do to avoid problems with lactation, Your diet during lactation. We are waiting for your questions. […]

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