Specialization vacancies in PMMH-RI

At the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital you can specialize in over 40 fields of medicine. In addition to obstetrics and gynaecology, neonatology, paediatrics one can get knowledge in cardiology, internal diseases, genetics or oncological surgery.

After graduation, the doctor has an even more difficult and more important task in his/her career: acquiring specialization. Many of them know what they want to do in the future but there are also undecided, ready to be spontaneous. Both groups have to take one more important decision: choose a place where they want to learn.

Many go to clinics that they had the opportunity to get to know during their studies. Meanwhile, nearly 90 vacancies are waiting at the Institute, many of them resident.

That’s why we invite young doctors and students of the final years of medicine for a Career Day. We organize it on Valentine’s Day, because we hope that a nice meeting this day will make many people decide to get involved with the Polish Mother’s for at least a few years.

During the Career Day, we will present the Clinics where you can specialize, also in the resident mode. It will be possible to meet Chiefs of Departments, who will talk about development opportunities and working conditions.

We kindly invite you to the Career Day at Polish Mother’s
Thursday, 14/02/2019

Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute, 281/289 Rzgowska 281/289 (main building)

More information about specialization Vacancies at PMMH-RI and recruitment rules:

Małgorzata Arent, head of the Scientific Information Department – tel. (42) 271-16-07