Christmas Eve at Polish Mother’s

On Christmas Eve organized by the Management of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute in Lodz nurses, midwives, doctors, academics and representatives of the Institute’s administration met.

– This is our fifth common Christmas Eve – said prof. Maciej Banach, the President of the PMMH-RI. – It’s always a beautiful moment. On the one hand, it is Christmas time, on the other, the summary of the passing year. Therefore, on this day I would like to thank you for your hard work and commitment. I would like to wish you a healthy, and happy Holiday.

The meeting was attended by Bishop Marek Marczak, who also wished all the best.

– We gather in the group of people who can be called the hands of a good Jesus who wants to heal. I wish you to have a lot of strength in your work to give love to other human beings. Doctors, like priests, are unfortunately exposed to routine. The more often the same activities are repeated, the more difficult it is to notice that something big is happening. I wish you, then, that you would have the light of the Holy Spirit and a deep faith that God, each time he puts another man in front of you, wants to use you.