Christmas carols, Santa Claus and blood donors. Miners from Bełchatów visiting the Polish Mother’s.

In front of the Polish Mother’s monument, in the main hall of the Institute on Friday, December 14, unusual guests appeared – dozens of miners in black uniforms with mining hats, decorated with colorful plumes. Some of them had instruments. At a signal of the conductor Małgorzata Wąsukowska, they started to play. First, there was the hit “The Final Countdown” of the Europe group, then the Demis Roussos’s hit, finally the most popular carols “God is Born” or “Today in Bethlehem.”

The patients, hearing the music, came down from the clinics, and the patients coming into the building shook their heads I disbelief. They took out their cells and filmed an extraordinary performance.

The President of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute, prof. Maciej Banach, thanked the musicians and Sławomir Pabich, the representative of the management of the Brown Coal Mine in Bełchatów personally.

However, the concert of the brass band was not the only attraction prepared by the miners.

– For years before Christmas we come to the Polish Mother’s to donate blood – says Andrzej Chlebicki, the President of the District Association of Blood Donors at the Bełchatów Mine. President Chlebicki recalls how the miners helped build the Polish Mother’s in the 1980s. – We became so involved that we named our PCK circle after the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital.

Blood donors from Bełchatów gave several dozen liters of blood on Friday. But it’s a drop in the ocean of their achievements. – Over the years, we have given her more than 15 thousand liters! – says Chlebicki.

In addition to blood donors, the trade union members from Bełchatow Solidarność also came, the Związek Odkrywka and Związek Górnictwa Węgla Brunatnego. They brought Santa Claus with them, who with several gift bags visited children in orthopedics, ophthalmology and otolaryngology clinics.

– I’m coming again next year – Mariusz Filanowski, who was the Santa, announced. – Because it gives amazing satisfaction to see the smile of a sick child before the most important holidays.