Interventions through a keyhole on TVP3

How to pinch a cancer so that that there will be no sign. In the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute, most tumours of the reproductive organs are operated with minimally invasive methods. – We call them interventions through the keyhole – says prof. Andrzej Malinowski, head of the Department of Operative Gynaecology, Endoscopy and Gynaecologic Oncology at the Institute.

– We make two, three half-centimetre punctures in abdominal coatings and a one-centimetre puncture in the navel, through which we put the camera. Thanks to this, we operate very precisely.

Professor Malinowski was a guest of the program “By boat through the region” in TVP 3. He talked about the most modern treatment methods of reproductive organs cancer, carried out at the Institute of Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute.
Program with the participation of prof. Andrzej Malinowski