Four pairs of twins in three days. “A dream comes true”

In three days, four pairs of twins were born at the Department of Obstetrics, Perinatology and Gynecology of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute.

“Cumulation” began on Tuesday 9 July. At that time Gniewko and Mieszko Woźniak were born. Their mother came to Polish Mother’s from Peczewo at the Jeziorsko Lake. As she says, she had several other maternity hospitals along the way, but she had to go further because she had so-called “difficult pregnancy” (monochorionic pregnancy, with one placenta). – All doctors I had contacted directed me to PMMH.

The boys were born at 35 weeks. They are healthy. The elder Gniewko (in gray linen) weighed 2,100 grams and measured 42 cm, Mieszko 2,600 g and 42 cm.

At home, three and a half year old sister Jagoda is waiting for them. She says she is looking forward to seeing “her boys”.

The next day two more brothers were born: Oskar (left) and Franek Szczytowski. Their mother came from Końskie. And, as she says, she chose Polish Mother’s because a safe delivery was significant for her.

The brothers were born at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Oscar weighed 2389 g, and Franek 2350 g

On Thursday, July 11, two pairs of twins were born at the delivery ward.

Maja and Mikołaj Chojnaccy. They were born at the 35th week of pregnancy. The girl weighed 2440 g and measured 51 cm, the boy 2400 g and 51 cm.

“I already have three children,” says their mother, Agnieszka. – The boys. Finally, my dream of a little daughter came true!

There are Nadia and Julek Bugajscy in the next room. Their mother came to the ICZMP from Sydół near Radom. She says she was interested in giving birth in a hospital who has a good reputation and has a Neonatology Department.

Nadia weighed 2370 g and measured 52 cm, Julek: 2530 g and 54 cm.