Prof. Wiesław Konopka appointed a voivodeship consultant.

Lodz Voivode appointed prof. Wiesław Konopka a voivodship consultant for audiology and phoniatrics. This is the next term of professor in this position.
Professor Konopka is the Head of the Department of Otolaryngology at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute. A Chairman of the Polish Society of Audiologists and Phoniatrics, member of the Scientific Council of the magazine „Otorynolaryngologia i NowaAudiofonologia” and the thematic editor of the audiology and phoniatrics department of „Polski PrzeglądOtolaryngologiczny”.He manages the deaf treatment program using cochlear implants and BAHA bone anchored implants at the PMMHDepartment of Otolaryngology. He is the Chairman of the Expert Team in the field of audiology and phoniatrics at CMKP. He is the author and co-author of 273 scientific papers and chapters in books and textbooks in the field of otolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics.
Congratulations, Professor!