The most modern tomographfor PMMH-RI from the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy.

An unusual computer tomograph has just arrived at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute. It was funded by the WielkaOrkiestraŚwiątecznejPomocy Foundation.

The device is being installed at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of PMMH, paediatric pavilion. The first tests are planned in November.
Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition is the most modern and technologically advanced 320 row tomograph in the region. It allows for easier performance of complex tests, reduction of radiation doses and contributes to the improvement of diagnostic accuracy and repeatability of tests. All stages, from planning to reconstruction and data processing, can be put in one protocol.

The unique design of detectors with the thinnest layer on the market, 0.5 mm, and advanced reconstruction algorithms, mean that many tests can be performed during one rotation of the X-ray tube detector system, which means a lower dose of radiation for the patient. This is extremely important because the new tomograph will be used mainly to examine children.

The apparatus enables examination of paediatric, cardiological, neurological, oncological and orthopedic patients who have metal implants.
The patient’s examination room will look like a fun kindergarten rather than a hospital department. The decorations will refer to the gnoms’ village.
We are proud that we got such an amazing device. Many thanks to Jurek Owsiak – the conductor of the WielkaOrkiestraŚwiątecznejPomocy.