Patient Rights Ombudsman at ICZMP

The Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute strengthens cooperation with the Patient Rights Ombudsman. On Friday, November 22, prof. Maciej Banach, the President of PMMH, signed with Mr. Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, the Ombudsman for Patient Rights, an agreement on cooperation in the field of respecting and protecting patient rights.

“Changes over the years in the healthcare system, including patients’ rights, mean that healthcare providers face new challenges. Moreover, the increase in the legal awareness of the society means that patients have more and more knowledge about their rights and expect medical staff not only to provide professional services in accordance with current medical knowledge, but also to respect patient rights “- we read in the introduction to the document.

What will the cooperation between the signatories of the agreement involve?

– First, we want to diagnose problems that occur in healthcare entities – said Bartłomiej Chmielowiec during a press conference. – Secondly, we want to think about areas for improvement and organize training for medical staff. We will also consider how to direct education to patients. Not only regarding their rights, but also make them aware of joint responsibility for the treatment process.

The signatories emphasize that the document is important for them and their institutions. – I am very happy with this contract – assures prof. Maciej Banach. – It is extremely important for our patients and the Institute. I promise that we will do our best to implement it.

– The patient ombudsman is not only obliged to react when irregularities occur – added Chmielowiec. – He should also take action with medical facilities so that such irregularities do not occur, that there would be no errors in the patient-medical personnel contact field, that all issues related to quality be implemented in a medical facility. I deeply believe that together we will be able to implement our project.