A check for 200,000 PLN from Amazon

A few weeks ago, an Amazon logistics centre was established in Pawlikowice near Łódź. Its employees immediately joined the initiative “Children’s Cancer Awareness Month”, implementing the Amazon Goes Gold campaign. Company branches around the world, including Poland, are taking part in the program to increase awareness of oncological diseases, as well as to draw attention to the efforts of many organizations involved in the search for effective cancer therapy.

– Our employees, as a sign of solidarity with young patients, on certain days come to work in pyjamas, and then we support selected organizations caring for patients throughout Poland. – says Cezary Pieczetowski, Director of the Amazon Logistics Center in Pawlikowice near Łódź. – This year over 55 percent of our team in Pawlikowice joined the campaign, wonderful people sensitive to special needs of children.

Effect? The involvement of Amazon employees from Pawlikowice decided that the main donation of Amazon Goes Gold goes to the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital in Łódź.

On Wednesday, December 11, director Pieczetowski and his employees handed over a symbolic check to prof. Maciej Banach, the President of the PMMH-RI.

– Thanks to these wonderful people, I am holding a check for 200,000 PLN – says prof. Maciej Banach. – I am very happy and thank you very much for that. It is a gift of the heart that will go to the Department of Neurosurgery at the Institute, where children with brain tumors and serious spinal defects are operated on. These are the patients who need hospitalization and treatment in the best conditions and with the best equipment.

The money will be allocated to refurbish residence rooms for children with special needs at the Department of Neurosurgery. “By joining forces, we can realistically contribute to improving the quality of life of children suffering from cancer and provide them with the necessary support in treatment,” said Amazon regional director, Marian Sepesi.

– It is really very encouraging that there are people like Director Cezary Pieczentowski and his whole team, said prof. Maciej Banach. – On behalf of all our patients, thank you for this gift of heart and for being so special. May there be more such people, may there be more such companies.

Waldemar Buda, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, participated in the ceremony of handing over the check. – I’m glad that Amazon, a profit-oriented business, is very serious about charity – he said. – The involvement of a company operating so shortly in the vicinity of Łódź shows that the nearest perspective for cooperation for such entities with organisations in need can be extremely fruitful.