Handing in doctoral and habilitation (assistant professor) diplomas

On December 18, during the last meeting of the Scientific Council of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute this year, its chairman – prof. Andrzej Lewiński, MD, PhD, together with Ewa Kalinka, MD, PhD, the Institute’s Vice-President for Healthcare Affairs, handed in diplomas to scientists who were awarded the academic degrees of doctor and habilitated doctor in 2019.

– I would like the words of my doctoral vow to come true in your life – said prof. Lewiński, MD, PhD. – I remember when I was promoted to the assistant professor degree. It was the biggest celebration. I was extremely proud of this promotion.

During the ceremony, diplomas were handed in to:


Sebastian Góreczny

The use of three-dimensional imaging to navigate cardiac catheterization in patients with congenital heart defects.”

Mariusz Grzesiak

Analysis of tocolytic therapy safety in preterm delivery by means of oxidative stress level assessment and ultrasound maternal-foetal circulation examination.”

Józef Mierzwiński

Application and development of modern medical technologies and surgical techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.”

Magdalena Stasiak

The use of novel methods in the diagnosis of tumour and non-cancer focal lesions in the thyroid gland.”

Konrad Szosland

Insulin resistance as a ubiquitous phenomenon in human pathophysiology.”

Waldemar Mieczysław Wierzba

Multi-faceted health problems co-existing with diabetes in the Polish population.”


Joanna Natalia Braszczyńska

Supervisor: prof. Leokadia Bąk-Romaniszyn, MD, PhD

Study on the importance of parenteral nutrition in patients with short bowel syndrome.” – distinguished thesis

Włodzimierz Janiszewski

Supervisor: Waldemar Machała, MD, PhD, Medical University associate professor

Assessment of undertaken activities and results of pre-hospital treatment undertaken by medical emergency teams of the Medical Rescue Station in Łódź.”

Łukasz Bogdan Janas

Supervisor: Marek Nowak, MD, PhD

Comparison of the usefulness of the ROMA algorithm, tumor malignancy index (RMI) and subjective ultrasound assessment in preoperative diagnosis of ovarian tumors.” – distinguished thesis

Paulina Elżbieta Kordjalik

Supervisor: prof. Maria Respondek-Liberska, MD, PhD

Analysis of selected data from the National Register of Cardiological Pathologies in the Fetus from 2004-2017.”

Wojciech Grzegorz Małecki

Supervisor: prof. Maciej Jabłkowski, MD, PhD

Expression assessment of selected microRNAs with hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma.”

Janusz Ławiński

Supervisor: Zbigniew Jabłonowski, MD, PhD

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of treatment of patients with casting kidney stones after percutaneous PCNL nephrolithotripsy.”

Justyna Płusajska

Supervisor: prof. Krzysztof Lewandowski, MD, PhD

Assessment of cardiovascular risk factors for type 2 diabetes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.” Distinguished thesis

Joanna Irena Woźny

Supervisor: Maciej Jabłkowski, MD, PhD

Analysis of selected mi-RNA, nucleotide sequence polymorphism present in the IL28 gene and IL-29 B concentration as prognostic markers for the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C.” – distinguished thesis

Świątnicki Wojciech

Supervisor: Emilia Nowosławska, MD, PhD

Application of fluorescence phenomenon using sodium fluorescein in surgical treatment of intracranial aneurysms.”

Tomasz Wojciech Szaflik

Supervisor: prof. Krzysztof Szyłło, MD, PhD

The role of ESR2 and CYP19A1 gene expression in women with endometriosis.”

Krzysztof Adam Pogoda

Supervisor: prof. Andrzej Malinowski, MD, PhD

Evaluation of the results of transvaginal resection of a non-falling uterus in patients operated on for non-oncological reasons.”