Christmas Eve meeting

Nurses, midwives, doctors, academics and representatives of the Institute’s administration came to the traditional Christmas Eve organized by the management of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital in Łódź.
They were welcomed by prof. Maciej Banach, director of ICZMP: – I want to thank you for all the hard work. For making patients happy. For the fact that thanks to you they hope that everything can be good, that they can spend Christmas without fear for their children, families and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas. I would like to wish you a healthy and merry Christmas and rest – although I can’t rest. And one more thing. Holidays are time to give good to others. Give them because it comes back.
Bishop also spoke about giving good. Marek Marczak.
– At the beginning of the meeting, we heard the Gospel, or the good news. I think that each of us wants to receive good news in life. People who come to this hospital at the entrance come with a lot of problems, suffering, doubts and are waiting just for the good news. You are often heralds of good news and hope.
Today we are gathering to hear the good news that God wants to tell us. God created man in his own image and likeness. God is looking at us. What does it mean, we can understand when God becomes man. And now we will celebrate the truth that God becomes man. This is the truth that not everyone wants to accept. But everyone, even if they cannot see the resemblance to God in the other, would like to see it in him. To see in me dignity, value as a human being and that the life I have is invaluable.
Today I would like to wish you that you would have this grace from God in you – that you would see in need of others, especially those in need, the sick, coming from difficulties – to see God who comes to us. I wish you to experience this often in your life. I wish that Christmas time is a time of rest for you. Merry Christmas.