Sixth triplets

Ada, Nela and Mikołaj are the sixth triplets that were born in 2019 at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Center. The babies were born at 33 week’s pregnancy, via caesarean section.
The first was Ada (2100 g), the second Nela (2030 g) and the third Mikołaj (3220 g). Mariusz Grzesiak, MD, PhD, the head of the Department of Perinatology, Gynecology and Obstetrics says that the children were born big, which is a great merit of their mother – Karolina, who bravely endured a difficult pregnancy for a long time.
– In such pregnancy, every day counts, because it makes it more likely that children will develop properly – emphasizes M. Grzesiak.
The children are healthy. Two elder sisters, Pola and Iga, are waiting at home.

The Martello company from Łódź has prepared a beautiful gift for our triplets – blankets made of organic cotton with names, dates and times of birth of each child. They were handed over to their parents by dr. Mariusz Grzesiak together with dr. Małgorzata Wlazłowicz and ward nurse – Elżbieta Słowińska.

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