International Nurse and Midwife Day

1030 Nurses and Midwives work at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute and traditionally, we celebrate their holiday – International Nurse and Midwife Day. Usually, Nurses and Midwives meet with the management. There are wishes, diplomas of recognition, refreshments.

This year, due to the prevailing pandemic, celebrations cannot be organized. But even a coronavirus cannot prevent us from delivering wishes to Nurses.


– On my behalf, on behalf of the Management, on behalf of all employees, I would like to wish Nurses and Midwives all the best: health, happiness, smile and further success in their everyday work with the patients at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – says Prof. Maciej Banach, the President of PMMH-RI. – These are special wishes, because we are in a special time due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is why we thank you even more sincerely for the effort you put into your daily work.

We wish you all the best!!!