Honorary Female Milk Donor’s Day

On May 19, we celebrate the Honorary Female Milk Donor’s Day. The holiday was established in 2010.

It is a day when we want to express our gratitude to all those nursing women who share their priceless gift – their milk. The day when we thank YOU for the selfless donation, for making the effort to raise surplus milk for the children in need and their mothers. Many thanks on behalf of babies and their parents.

Female Milk stored at the Female Milk Bank at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute is administered to prematurely born and sick babies. For them it is a medicine which helps us support their development from the first moments of life. Their mothers do not have enough milk after giving birth and are grateful to other women for the gesture of sharing their most precious gift. The awareness that other mothers obtain more milk motivates them to act. They take the effort to obtain milk themselves for their babies. Later they often become Honorary Female Milk Donors.

Since the establishment of the Female Milk Bank at PMMH (January 2019), 100 women have shared their milk, becoming Honorary Female Milk Donors. Many thanks to each of you! For every milliliter of milk, for your smile, for joy.

We cordially invite breastfeeding mothers who would like to become a part of this project – selfless sharing of their breast milk with us at the PMMH’s Female Milk Bank.
Tel. (42) 271 10 20  or e-mail: bankmleka@iczmp.edu.pl