On-line school of childbirth

Childbirth School is a great way to prepare yourself for stress-free delivery. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, birthing schools all over Poland  are closed.
We realize how much future parents need professional information about childbirth, delivery and care for the newborn baby in the first months of his/her life. That is why, at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital we decided to launch an on-line school of childbirth. It will be conducted by Magdalena Kempińska, our midwife, birth school instructor, and a certified lactation consultant , preparing couples for childbirth for many years. The instructor conducts the meetings of “Mlekoteka” support group for breastfeeding women. Privately, she is a mother of two sons.

Once a week every Wednesday, we will publish one lesson. Topics: How to pack for a hospital? Baby’s first bath. How can you help yourself with your breath during delivery?

See you for the first episode on Wednesday, June 10th. The films will be available at www.iczmp.edu.pl and on the youtube channel of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute