Layette to hospital

Information for patient, expectant mother:

when you are going to be our patient, make sure if you have the following documents:

  • identity card,
  • pregnancy card,
  • all results- blood type, HIV, HCV, WR, HBS, GBS, pregnancy ultrasound.

The hospital will provide you and your child hygiene and sanitation, however for greater comfort and personal convenience we offer to take with you:

  • (for lady): toiletries, breast pads, alternatively the bra for breastfeeding women, big sanitary pads, disposable draws, two towels, bathrobe, slippers, shower shoes, a front opening night dress (2- 3 pieces), plate, mug, cutlery, still water;
  • (for baby): nappies, wet wipes, bodysuit, creepers, diapers (4- 5 pieces), blanket, alternatively care cream for buttocks, body wash and baby oil.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute.